Friday, August 8, 2014

Operation Renovation: Dollhouse Style

My dad built the girls a dollhouse for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I asked him to make one just like my childhood dollhouse and he did!  I remember playing dollhouse over and over with my sister and redecorating it to make it our own.  I suggested the idea that we "fancy" up the dollhouse to Big Miss and Little Miss and they wanted to get started right away.  This project took about 3 times longer than I had anticipated, but we had so much fun deciding how to decorate and just love the outcome!  (If you click on the pictures they will become larger ;)
-  Dollhouse Before!  Look at my itty bitty Big Miss at 2 years old!  -

-  Dollhouse After!  Look at Big Miss now; age 4! -
-  Dollhouse After!  -
- DIY hardwood floors! (Tools: sharpie, ruler, foam brush, your choice color of acrylic paint)-

-  Attic!  Multi-colored yarn adorns the rafters! -
- We mod-podged scrap-booking paper and emblems for decor!
- Office left -
- Office right -
- Family room!  Note our upholstery is far from perfect...we used a hot glue gun and throw pillows are simple fake flowers! -
-  Kitchen! -

-  Nursery -

- Big Miss made and adhered (via gluestick) a cross for the baby dolls, she said it is an important decoration... I couldn't agree more! -
- Dental floss mailbox and tongue depressor shutters! -
- Tongue depressor craft stick shingles! -
   Big Miss could spend hours playing with the dollhouse if we let her...Little Miss isn't quite there yet, but next year watch out!  I can hear it now, "I was playing with that one!" "Move over, your not giving me space!"  We are so grateful for the relationship our girls have with one another.  There are almost as many sweet, compassionate, giving moments as their are squabbles!  We are grateful to unwrap more and more of their relationship as they grow both individually and as siblings!

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