Thursday, August 21, 2014

- the gift of ballet -

We enrolled the girls in their first tap and ballet class this summer.  They loved it and we adored watching them grow, learn and meet new friends.  Mommy met some new friends too!  I took a bit of video during the summer session; they are both heart melting and hilarious to watch!  

- they love to practice and name the moves: plie -
-tippy toes -

- Big Miss is not afraid to take center stage -
- this picture just makes our hearts gush; it perfectly portrays the big sister that Lilah is -
So many times during each class Big Miss would put her hand on Little Miss' back, motion for Little Miss to watch the teacher, encourage Little Miss with words or thumbs up and hug Little Miss while Little Miss was all like "get off of me"! 
- little sister a little timid about her upcoming solo performance clinging to big sis -

Here is a small snippet of the girls in action!

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