Wednesday, August 27, 2014

- the gift of space - (under the stairs clubhouse)

We are so grateful for our home and the memories we continue to create here.  We are grateful for the opportunity and ability to make it our own.

We recently created a cozy little clubhouse under the stairs in our basement for the girls to hang out in and read/play.  They adore the space and so do we!  We don't have a before picture, but imagine an unfinished basement with exposed wood and concrete floors.  It's amazing what a little white paint can do to brighten up a dark space.  It's also amazing how much larger the space seems.  Here it is....

- we previously stored all of our gift wrap items under here, but this is such a better use of space -

- the rule was we weren't allowed to purchase anything for decorating, so we got creative with leftover paint, carpet remnants, fabric, fake flowers, etc -

- plenty of space; though snug, mommy and daddy can fit inside as well-

- they love using flashlights to keep it lit -
-they prefer to have the space to themselves and shut the doors! -
We just love listening to their little voices and can't wait to unwrap the gift of fun, creativity and conversation that flows from this space!

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