Friday, April 25, 2014

- Haircut a la Toddler -

I was sick with the stomach bug and the girls were home with me.  I had a feeling, that instead of making my way back to the couch after "being ill" I'd better go check on the two who were supposed to be napping.  It's a good thing for that feeling or I may have had a bald 3 year old on my hands!

Giving thanks is hard sometimes.  Very hard!  In the very moment when I walked in to see that little Miss had unlocked my childproofed drawer, found my makeup bag and grabbed out the scissors to preform her own little "style"....I lost it.  I completely bawled.  And then of course I grabbed my camera!  Not only was I overcome with emotion that my little girl's hair was completely chopped on one side and bangs so so short; but I was sick.  My initial thought was that she was going to need a pixie cut.  Then I was flooded with emotion as I remembered how much I disliked my "boy" haircut; which was the only option after I gave my 4 year old self a haircut.  I also thought of how much older Big Miss looked when she had to have the gum cut out of her hair.  I didn't want my Little Miss, possibly our last baby, to look any older any sooner.  I gave thanks anyways.  Thank you Lord that she only cut her hair and didn't hurt herself in the process.  Thank you that I arrived when I did and she didn't have a chance to cut anymore.  Thank you that we are able to make a comb over work wonders. Thank you for teaching me to be more aware of where sharp objects are stored.  Thank you for a fairly decent story to share.  Thank you for a chance to relate to what my mom must of went through when I did the same thing.  Thank you for a memory we now laugh about. 

- Oh Little Miss, you are a spunky one!  We will keep you for sure! -

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