Wednesday, April 30, 2014

- Easter: His Ultimate Gift -

Easter was two weeks ago and we are still unwrapping His gifts. 

In those truly present moments of parenting, when our hearts feel like they could burst with joy as we just "be" with our girls...

In the hard moments, when patience is depleted and we just don't know what to do or say...  

In the ordinary moments when time seems to be standing still but also fleeting by....

We are just so in awe.  In awe of the ultimate gift that God gave us.  His son, our savior.  Forgiveness for our sins.  Because He died we can live!

In preparation for Easter we hung some plastic eggs from our mantle with activities tucked inside...
- Our little decorator! -
- Glow in the dark egg hunt in our basement.  Lesson: Jesus is the light of the world! -

- Making Resurrection Rolls.  Lesson: Jesus has Risen! -
- Washing of the feet. from the Bible, then mommy and daddy washed the girls feet, put on lotion and polished nails.  Then the girls washed and lotioned mommy and daddy's feet.  Daddy passed on getting his nails polished ;) -

- Silly String!  Each family member was assigned their own color to spray at each other.  When our bottles were empty we sat in a circle and told everyone that had our color silly string on them something that we love about them. Lesson: shower each other in love! -

- Resurrection Basket goodies...all of these books are sooo good! -
- Thank you Lord for this precious gift!  Big Miss' 4 year old art - unprompted she drew "Adam and Eve and them have a sun and one tree them can't eat from." -
- Thank you Lord for working in Big Miss' heart!   "Jesus died for our sins so we can go to Heaben"- age 4 unprompted- a precious gift from our girl who usually only draws butterfly's, rainbows, people, and letters" -

Our life on earth is but a breath.  We need to remind ourselves of this often; especially when life feels heavy.  We need to focus on eternal glory rather than earthly gains. God is with us...He is kind and good.  He is our strength. God is leading our family.  He is showing us grace, he is showing us the way. So many surprising and life changing gifts recently!

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