Wednesday, September 24, 2014

- Fall Family Fun -

We've just rounded a corner and hit a bit of a slowdown in comparison to our super busy summer.  

On the rare occasion that we were home for part of a weekend over the summer we hermitted and worked on home and yard maintenance that needed to get done. This slow down has been hugely welcomed!  Our most favorite of days are those in which we are able to neglect the to-dos and hit up local festivities!  

For the past couple of years we have enjoyed our local campus' "college days"!  We had fun meeting the school mascot, Norbie...
 jumping in the bouncy house...
 decorating princess crowns...
 and learning yoga (to score some fun blue shades ;)!

We were tempted all morning by the delicious smell of their brat fry, so we enjoyed brats and chili for lunch!  Most fun; however, is having family live so near that we are able to join last minute activities together!  We so love having auntie and uncle and cousin with us; such a gift!

After college days we hit up the local apple orchard. There is something so fun and enchanting about apple orchards.  It was hard to narrow down the pictures as each one shows such personality in each of our girls.
- so bright -

After dinner and baths we broke out Princess Pop-up Game,  aka"Trouble".  We just love Big Miss' reactions to Little Miss' turn taking-ha!  Little Miss ran off every time it wasn't her turn.

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