Thursday, May 29, 2014

- Unwrapping Warmth -

After a long cold winter we are LOVING the warmth that has finally graced us with it's presence!

We have been unwrapping so many gifts this Spring and are so grateful for the opportunity to get outside and be productive!

- supergirl is coming in for a landing and The Mr. is working hard on his master project (aka: the garden) -
- oh how we've missed our outdoor picnics -

- giving daddy a well deserved glass of homemade lemonade, Big Miss is proud to serving others-hence the hands on hips -
- the gift of a hardworking Mr.! -

- When did they get so big? Independently navigating the patio door...this summer is going to be full of adventure! -
- birdfeeder fun -
- So grateful for our city's compost facility where with a little motivation and hard work you can take mulch for your landscaping...for free!  Little Miss is mulching it up...oh how she loves to "help"! -
- The gift of a very patient daddy who scoops a child sized mulch pile with the tiniest shovel we have! -

- The beginnings of a hard work ethic! -
- The gfit of The Mr.'s super fun ideas...cue outdoor movie theater in the playhouse! -
- A special dessert....juice pops! -
Thank you Lord for warmth that brings a desire to be outside, for motivation and time to tackle projects, and for fun moments to just enjoy creating and being a part of!

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